I believe in the social impact of scientific research. Therefore, it is important to keep the public informed regarding the current research efforts, scientific debates and developments in the area of transportation systems. In this section you can follow some of my outreach activities.

Living + live streaming (2016)

Interview by Mikko Särelä related to the advent of self-driving vehicle technology (link).

Helsinging Sanomat interview (2016)

Interview about the emerging Hyperloop technology (link).

Maaseudun Tulevaisuus article (2016)

Interview about self-driving truck technology (pdf).

Aalto University Summer School on Transportation 2016 (link)

In an attempt to mark 10 years of Summer School, the theme "Embracing the Complexity of Mobility" centered on complexity, which is underlying all the aspects of modern transportation, from human behavior to technological interdependencies. A week-long, comprehensive, experience has included a range of lectures from renowned Finnish and international experts, a site visit and a workshop, thus successfully engaging more than 50 attendees.

Urban Academy - Biking, 2016 (link)

As a part of Urban Academy initiative, a set of short lectures on 03.06.2016 has focused on biking, including my lecture "Biking as a travel mode in transit-oriented development".

Tekniika & Talous article, 2016 (link)

A short article in Tekniika & Talous drawing attention to our DecoNet project.

Second Serbian Road Congress, 2016 (link)

I am a part of the scientific committee responsible for peer review. In addition, I have held two presentations related to the implications of self-driving vehicle technology and congestion pricing for City of Belgrade.

Atlas of Science, 2015 (link)

Highlight of the research "Engineering social justice into self-driving vehicles?" on "Atlas of Science" website, a new platform for highlighting research to a broader audience.

Radio Interview "Robotic Cars Revolution" at Yle Radio 1, 2015 (link)

A radio interview for Yle Radio 1, regarding self-driving cars and some of the major issues this revolutionary technology brings along. Yle Radio 1 is a Finnish radio network that covers cultural, scientific, business and politic news all around Finland.

Listen the interview.

9th World Alliance for Low Carbon Cities Forum on "Capabilities for Sustainable Urban Innovation", 2015 (link)

The forum will focus on the development of capabilities for sustainable innovation and will explore this theme in thematically focused mini-workshops. It is my pleasure to be invited as a discussant for the mini-workshop on "Mobility as a service vs. automotive industry". For more information, please see the forum agenda (pdf).

Aalto University Summer School on Transportation 2015 ( link)

Dr. Iisakki Kosonen and I discussed "Traffic Management in the Digital Age". The lecture has presented an overview of origins and state-of-the-art technological development for traffic management. However, besides the focus on technological overview, the lecture has also addressed the need for rethinking traffic management foundation in the era of self-driving and connected vehicles, with a special focus on traffic as a large-scale and long-term social cooperation.

hEART: European Association for Research in Transportation (link)

I am departmental representative and member of the Scientific Committee that review the articles submitted to the conference.

Mobile.TUM 2015 International Scientific Conference on Mobility and Transport (link)

Poster presentation
M.N. Mladenovic, A. Stevanovic, I. Kosonen, D. Glavic, Guidelines for Development of Functional Requirements and Evaluation of Adaptive Traffic Control Systems.

Session 3 Automated Vehicles presentation from Milos N. Mladenovic
M.N. Mladenovic, M. Abbas, Anthropocentric Development of Intersection Control Principles for Self-driving Vehicles under Considerations of Social Justice.

Radio Interview "The Changing Culture of Cars" at WVTF Radio, 2014 (link)

Credit National Highway TSA

A radio interview for WVTF, on the subject how the driveless cars will change the world and the way we percive transportation. WVTF is a National Public Radio serving most of southwestern Virginia.

Listen the interview.

92nd Annual Meeting of Transportation Research Board, 2013 ( link)

Poster presentation
M.N. Mladenovic, M. Abbas, S. Gopinath, G. Faddoul, Decision-Support System for Assessment of Alternative Signal Controllers using Expert Knowledge Acquisition.